Ace Vegas repo man Zef DeGroot is sent to Hawaii to collect a vintage Harley-Davidson from a legendary dope-dealer and karaoke killer the locals call Donny Punani. But an easy snatch for a ninja of Zef's mad sklils becomes a nightmarish farce when he finds monstrous crooks, crooked cops and the lust-mad gods of paradise are all conspiring to push his shit in.

From the twisted tourist traps of Honolulu to the savage tropical backwaters of Hana, Zef DeGroot will have to run, fight, and pillbug for his life through an aloha gauntlet of cannibal thugs and date-rape drugs, of psycho TV shrinks and surfing leper hijinx. And that's just to find the get away with it and go home, he's going to have to go through the ghost-god son of the King of All Sharks.