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For centuries, alien drug-runners plundered the Earth, harvesting organs and freebasing fear. Few drugs could match the potency of humanity’s dysfunctional two-stroke brains, so the Intergalactic Enforcement Force burned it down.

Now, the last scattered, ragtag pockets of humanity strewn across a hundred backwater worlds are the most sought-after cash crop in the universe, and their only hope lies in the unsteady, oversexed hands of a pirate crew of intergalactic trash under the command of a devious cutthroat nymphomaniac known as Callista Chrome.

But to save the unworthy human race, Callista and her drug-hungry horde will have to go through conniving alien cartels, buzzkill narcs, priapic platypuses, polymorphic ex’s and bloodthirsty space-Vikings before facing the most devastating enemy in the worst place in the known universe… home.

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Buried half a mile beneath the desert sands of the US-Mexico border, exists a secret city that holds the promise of everything that draws refugees and immigrants to America––liberty, luxury and excess. . .

In this Terminal Autonomous Zone, two prophets will rise—one, a reckless seeker who believes the psychedelic mushrooms he’s discovered will spur a revolution in human consciousness; the other, a fire-and-brimstone preacher endowed by strange angels with a power that heals the sick and raises the dead—and as rival factions emerge around them, a march toward war begins . . .

“Unamerica is madness. Timely, familiar, brilliant—but most of all, terrifying—madness.” ROB HART, author of The Warehouse

“Goodfellow satirizes the excesses of capitalism, religion, and drug culture in this macabre dystopian fantasy... a wild, trippy journey through a horrifying nightmare version of America.”PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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‘80s vintage horror with a contemporary edge. An exemplary wordsmith, his prose sticks a needle in your brain and gives it a twist. This stuff is Lovecraft on acid. —LAIRD BARRON, author of The Imago Sequence & Other Stories

As far as Weird fiction goes, Cody lives it. Get into it, you goddamn mummy! —SKINNER

Genetic mutation, near-future extinction events, psychoactive abuse, interspecies sex and – yes – giant monsters . . . Subtle, it ain’t. It’s like gorging on an opulent feast, or watching the collected oeuvre of Stuart Gordon in one go. An acquired taste. But if you are like me and enjoy both Naked Lunch and Rick and Morty, then these gore-encrusted stories will make your day. Highly recommended. —CROWS N' BONES

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From two-time Wonderland Book Award-winning author, Cody Goodfellow, described as “one of the best writers of our generation” by grandmaster of horror Brian Keene, and “the Ellroy of speculative fiction” by acclaimed cult author Jeremey Robert Johnson, comes a novel of desperation and degradation in the city of mutilated dreams.

From the empty LA River to an eternal, interdimensional A-list party, Charlie is running for his life, crashing through twisted alternate Hollywoods where the religious right rules all and bloodthirsty studio execs hunt the homeless for sport. On a quest to save the proverbial damsel in distress, he’ll have to pitch a dozen shit-hot movie ideas, slay the dragons of his problematic past and somehow overcome the temptation of the most dangerous addiction in the dirty business of dreams––true, unselfish love.

Sleazeland is one of Cody Goodfellow’s absolute best works of bizarro fiction. A parable for the harsh realities of surviving in one of the filthiest industries on Earth.

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THE POLITE ONES is a dark fantasy from the mycoid-blasted brain of Cody Goodfellow (RAPTURE OF THE DEEP, STRATEGIES AGAINST NATURE, REPO SHARK). Cody’s psychedelic evocation of a subterranean society of decaying clans and their fearsome rulers is brought to vivid life in the illustrations of Marcelo Gallegos. A thrilling and claustrophobic alkaloid nightmare.

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Cody Goodfellow has emerged as one of the most dynamic writers of neo-Lovecraftian fiction in recent years. This volume gathers the many provocative tales he has written over the past decade or more, including several novellas that lavishly expand upon core Lovecraftian themes and motifs. Chief among these, perhaps, is "In the Shadow of Swords," strikingly set in Iraq, where American soldiers during the Iraq War encounter entities far more baleful than the terrorists of the Taliban. A similar setting is used in "Archons," which features a denouement both horrific and poignant.

Other stories play imaginative riffs on other Lovecraftian ideas. "The Anatomy Lesson," set in the 19th century, is an ingenious take-off of "Pickman's Model." "To Skin a Corpse" transmutes the central idea of "Herbert West—Reanimator" into a gritty 1930s hard-boiled idiom. The key Lovecraftian notion of dreams is the basis of the pensive story "Broken Sleep." And a spectacular and previously unpublished story, "Swinging," employs "The Shadow out of Time" as the springboard for an extraordinary excursion into space and time.

Goodfellow is gifted with a prose style of exceptional lyricism and evocativeness, and his narratives are infused with all the compelling readability and cumulative terror that distinguish Lovecraft's own. Vibrantly contemporary in setting and expression, they nonetheless constitute a fitting homage of the dreamer from Providence.

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Pushed to the brink by a dumb, desperate mistake, seventeen-year-old Mason McCoy is ready to end it all. In his short life, he's never known anything but harsh circumstances, and he's grown tired of living hard in the shadow of his messed-up parents. Now that he's coming up quickly on adulthood, he's not liking the look of the man he's about to become, and he has no intention of turning out like his dead felon father. But just when he's at his most desperate hour, Mason is struck by a powerful force--a mass of shooting stars raining down on the city. His shocking survival is the first clue that something out of the ordinary has happened, and when an all-out manhunt begins for not one, but two super-powered humans in the wake of the shooting stars, Mason knows there's something else out there who can do the same, incredible things he is now capable of. It doesn't take long to learn that his counterpart, however, is on a power trip of a different kind.

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SAN FRANCISCO, 1927––In a ramshackle garret workshop on the wrong side of town, a self-educated young inventor toils late into the rainy night on a mysterious invention he hopes will one day change the world. But what Philo Farnsworth and his enigmatic protector see on the world's first television receiver will instead propel them into the shadows of a nightmarish underworld of blind assassins and alien brainwashers... for, as they will soon learn, television was already changing the world long before humans "invented" it.

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Ace Vegas repo man Zef DeGroot is sent to Hawaii to collect a vintage Harley-Davidson from a legendary dope-dealer and karaoke killer the locals call Donny Punani. But an easy snatch for a ninja of Zef's mad sklils becomes a nightmarish farce when he finds monstrous crooks, crooked cops and the lust-mad gods of paradise are all conspiring to push his shit in.

From the twisted tourist traps of Honolulu to the savage tropical backwaters of Hana, Zef DeGroot will have to run, fight, and pillbug for his life through an aloha gauntlet of cannibal thugs and date-rape drugs, of psycho TV shrinks and surfing leper hijinx. And that's just to find the get away with it and go home, he's going to have to go through the ghost-god son of the King of All Sharks.


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1910. White Mountain Apache Reservation, New Mexico.

The West has finally been tamed, but when a rancher's child goes missing, white vigilantes ride out to exact bloody justice from the neighboring Apache reservation. Only an aging half-breed bounty hunter knows where the boy has gone, and he must race to deliver him from a primordial evil that reaches from the center of the earth to rake the stars from the sky.

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A massive nuclear attack has destroyed the major cities. Untold millions are dead. The survivors are starving savages.

But where others see only tragedy, one man sees opportunity.

Enter Julian Harvey: an A-list producer with a hot project, a private army and a vision for America that will give her back her soul. It's the last Hollywood film crew, making the last Hollywood movie, in the radioactive crater formerly known as Los Angeles.

Spreading hope the only way they know how...through total bullshit.

And like it or not, you're along for the ride.

"Fasten your blast goggles for the mutant offspring of Dr. Strangelove and The Player." - Richard Stanley, writer/director of Hardware

"Humor, heart, and wit so sharp you don't even know you're bleeding until after you've finished. I could not and did not put it down." - Sarah Langan, author of Aubrey's Door

"Packs a hell of a punch. Hilarious, savage and moving."- Peter Tennant, Black Static

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When Drew married Laura, he also married into the Kowalski family. But on a trip with his twin brothers-in-law into the backwoods of northern California to find their abusive, estranged mother, buried secrets will be revealed, threatening his fragile marriage and his sanity. 


Mom has joined a new family: Leviathan-- a utopian colony that has taken the communist ideal to radical biological extremes, using the mutagenic honey from genetically tweaked bees to make ideal workers and flawless warriors. But the once-human hive is divided by a strike and brutal internecine war, and its tyrannical Chairman is eagerly recruiting scabs. 

With the Kowalski twins taking opposing sides in the colony's bitter feud, Drew is forced into a world where nothing is taboo and survival is the only law, where he must negotiate between the insane collective mind and the savage refugees, even as the battling forces of the commune work to reshape him into a tool to complete their... 


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Something is growing beneath Los Angeles, an awful intelligence born of decay, whose spores infest the human brain and take root, turning their hosts into homicidal maniacs.

“Skipp and Goodfellow are two singularly powerful forces that make one dynamic, masterful combination.”  —Brian Keene

“Skipp and Goodfellow deliver a blood-soaked powerhouse, one that rockets from the first page through the last with many a gut-punch in between.”  —SFRevu on Jake’s Wake

 “Goodfellow is one of those writers whose voice sweeps you away like the undertow of a tsunami, and once you’re in, he’s got you pinned.”   –Michael A. Arnzen, author of Play Dead

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In the brutal zero-sum game of the new future, every meal is a murder, and every act of love is a declaration of genocidal war. To survive it, you will have to make alliances with the sleeping demons in your blood; learn to wear new names and faces, and shed your soul; feed your inner child to the machine, before it eats you alive; build and defend your own heaven; and become one of the sacred, secret tools with which nature reinvents itself. To win this game, you will have to change into everything that you are not. To play you need only open this book and arm yourself with... Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

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Pastor Jake promised his followers everlasting life…he just didn’t say what kind.

So when the small-town televangelist and con man climbs out of his coffin at his own wake, it becomes Judgment Day for everyone gathered to mourn—or celebrate—his death. Jake is back, in the rotting flesh, filled with anger and vengeance. And accompanied by demons even more frightening than himself. What follows is a long night of endless terror, a blood-drenched rampage by the man not even death could stop.

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In the Seven Devils Mountains of Northern Idaho, in the radioactive shadow of Chernobyl, their numbers grow. They gather to be cured of their cancer, but they become much more. Soon, they will be One. When they come into their kingdom, all plant and animal life on earth will be rendered obsolete, and a billion-year old experiment called evolution will have reached its logical conclusion.

As Special Agent Martin Cundieffe pursues the trail of the mutant cult, he finds a deeper secret that reaches into the hidden heart of American power, and leaves him powerless and alone before the real enemy. Stella Orozco has traded her freedom and her humanity for something more. When her transformation is complete, she will become a goddess-and lose her mind.

Sgt. Zane Storch is a soldier without an army, a species of one fighting both sides for his own survival and sanity in a body that is fast becoming his own worst enemy. How many times will he fight to defend a nation and a species that shuns him as an abomination? How many times will he die for them?

As the Mission heats up its genocidal campaign against Radiant Dawn, the armies of the mysterious Dr. Keogh labor to open a sealed pre-human tomb in the Iraqi wasteland. This forgotten place will decide the outcome of the last war of natural selection, for what lies beyond the crumbling wall is no less than the unspeakable truth about the origin of life on earth-and what's coming next.

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From a ruined chemical weapons bunker in Iraq to a shallow grave in California's San Andreas Fault, the lines are drawn for a shadow war that will decide who, or what, will inherit the earth and reign as the next dominant species.

The escalating conflict engulfs the lives of three born survivors: a broken veteran of the Gulf War; a fiercely independent young nurse dying of cancer; and a brilliant novice FBI agent. Plunged into an arena where the stakes are survival or extinction, each must choose a side: between a militia of rogue government scientists and an enigmatic messiah who holds the cure for death itself, and the key to a new form of life.

Trapped in a genocidal war the government will do anything to conceal, where top-secret military technologies vie with the primal power of evolution unleashed, they will struggle to understand and stay alive...and stay human.

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