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Aging punks recapture the greatest show of their youth through barbaric rituals. The lone survivor of a hellish Interstate pile-up follows an otherworldly sound to its source. A father desperate to cure his daughter’s condition uncovers a multinational corporation’s unspeakable plan for solving world hunger. In these eleven stories, Cody Goodfellow explores the bizarre and the deeply human, using the kaleidoscopic language only he is capable of.

“Brutal, breakneck, and brilliant—Strategies Against Nature grabs you by the throat and drags you under. Don’t even try to resist.”
—Daniel H. Wilson, author of ROBOPOCALYPSE

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THE SNAKE HANDLER <with J David Osborne> (2017)

Let he who is without sin… COME GET SOME. 

All his life, Reverend Clyde Hilburn has fought to protect his downtrodden flock in the tiny town of Palestine, West Virginia from the evils of the modern world. To that end, he has held a monopoly on not only their souls, but also their thriving drug addiction. 

But times have changed, and forces larger than him have moved in to take control of both the church and the flow of narcotics. 

When he suffers a lethal bite from a rattlesnake someone placed in his mailbox, a dying, venom-addicted Clyde has only hours to undo a lifetime of sin, avenge his own murder and save his godforsaken town from the human monsters he’s unleashed. 

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In all of North America there is no more perfect intersection of climate, culture, and colorful history than San Francisco the culmination of Manifest Destiny, the Golden Gate to the Pacific Ocean, and the treasure house of the wealth of the great California Gold Rush. Purged of her wild, anarchic past by a devastating earthquake and fire at the beginning of the twentieth century, San Francisco has emerged as the most cosmopolitan city on the West Coast. 

San Francisco is deceptively ancient; its history shrouded in a fog of false domesticity. The Bay Area has known many masters, each leaving a distinctive mark upon the land. As San Francisco blossoms it attracts fugitives and practitioners of unorthodox faiths from across the world. Tales of the region assume mythic proportions as it becomes the most ethnically diverse, and most lawless, place in America. 

SECRETS OF SAN FRANCISCO provides excellent background for a Call of Cthulhu campaign set in the Bay Area of the 1920s. It includes urban geography, civic history, research venues, and mythos lore. Many period photographs are provided and dozens of historical figures are introduced, including several who collaborated and corresponded with Lovecraft. Here are provided descriptions of where San Franciscan s are sent when they break the law, go insane, or pass-beyond. Here are the sights, sounds, and secrets of this place that makes it a unique city.

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